The Cheese strain is very popular in the UK due to its taste and yield. The cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Cheese Cannabis Strains

In Britain, cheese is very popular, especially the cheddar cheese. It has a nutty and spicy flavour. When growing the Cheese cannabis strain, they have made sure that it smells as much like cheese as possible. This weed variety is very popular because of its distinctive taste and powerful effects. After smoking Cheese weed you experience a happy, cheerful mental mood. After a short time the high turns into pure euphoria and will give you enough energy to finish creative projects.

Where does the Cheese weed come from?

Hardly anyone knows for sure. This strain was first cultivated in 1988 by an unknown breeder. It is descended from Skunk #1. It is suspected that it was crossed with Afghan landraces to increase production. Although nobody knows exactly where the Cheese strain comes from, she has a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa genes. In addition to its eccentric taste and smell, it also gives a feeling of pure appetite. So, make sure you have plenty of delicious snacks ready when you start smoking Cheese weed.

Growing Cheese Cannabis Plants

Since this strain has strong Indica Genetics you can also use these growing techniques. To stimulate her to maximum growth potential, you can use the Screen of Green method, for example. Prune all growth at the bottom of the plant, so that the plant does not overgrow itself. By making sure she gets the right amount of light and nutrition, you can expect a big harvest with a high THC content. Order your cannabis seeds before 16:00 today and you can start germinating the very next working day.