Are you looking for purple cannabis strains and want to buy Purple cannabis seeds? At 420shop.nl you will find a wide selection of Purple strains. Narrow your selection by using several filters: Flowering time, Height, CBD and THC content, Genetics, Autoflower, Price etc.

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Purple Cannabis strains

The Purple cannabis strains not only have specific properties, but they are also beautiful plants. These cannabis plants develop beautiful purple and pink hues and are very popular with growers. The color change happens because there are more anthocyanins in Purple cannabis seeds. These are genetically purple colourings. So, the more of these there are in a strain, the more purple the plant will become.

Growing Purple weed

In the beginning, Purple cannabis plants will be green just like other strains. But towards the end of the flowering period, these plants take on beautiful shades of purple. The pigment chlorophyll, which gives the plants their green colour, is broken down slowly. This gives the purple dye (anthocyanins) time to develop. The plants also turn purple because of the cold nights and low acidity of the soil.

Buy Purple cannabis seeds

Purple cannabis seeds are available from different seed banks like Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm, Pyramid or Sensi Seeds. Most seeds are feminized, so you don't have to remove the male plants. Are you looking for a Purple cannabis plant with a short flowering time? Then order autoflowering seeds. Each cannabis seed has a description with information about flowering time, yield, effect of the weed and THC content. View other cannabis strains such as Kush, Haze, Skunk, Cheese and Amnesia.