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Are you looking for white cannabis varieties and do you want to buy these seeds? Read more information at the bottom of the page about the 'White Family' and the most popular seeds from various seed banks.

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White Cannabis Strains

A white cannabis strain belongs to a large family of cannabis plants with a very high THC percentage and a powerful effect. But why do these plants belong to a white cannabis strain? This is because at the end of the flowering period this plant produces a beautiful layer of white resin crystals. Often plants belonging to this 'white family' are hybrids with Indica and Sativa genes. Many 'white' cannabis plants are often descended from the White Widow.

What Kind of Weed is White Widow?

White Widow is the mother plant of most weed plants belonging to the world famous 'White family'. Originating in the 1990s, White Widow has Brazilian Sativa and South-Indian Indica parents. Green House Seeds bred her first, but if you want to know who her exact ancestors are, you'll eventually get stuck in your search. There are several theories about this but no real certainty. Shantibaba was one of the founders of this seed bank, but then started Mr. Nice Seedbank. There he continued and renamed the White Widow; Black Widow.

What does White Widow do to you?

White Widow is known for its powerful effects and the high lasts for a long time. The buds of the White Widow plant are full of white trichomes at the end of the flowering period. The weed is very popular for its high THC level and is often at the top of the menu in most coffee shops. She has a pleasant Indica/Sativa balance from which you get energy and feel a creative vibe after smoking. Afterwards you experience a typical relaxing Indica effect. This weed is easy to grow and is therefore also suitable for novice growers. White Widow can be seen in the assortment of most seed banks such as: Kera, Royal Queen Seeds, Spliff, Vision Seeds.

Top 5 White weed varieties:

  • White Widow
  • White Thunder
  • White Rino
  • Great White Shark
  • Mohan Ram

Buy Seeds from White Cannabis Strains

In our cannabis seeds assortment you will find various white seeds from various seed banks. These seeds are available in both feminized and regular strains. You can also buy autoflower seeds which shortens the flowering time and allows you to grow these plants outdoors in colder climates. Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service by calling 00316-34848442 or via you can also send an email to contact@420shop.nl or fill out the contact form.