In the smoking section of our headshop, you'll find all the supplies a cannabis user needs. Whether you prefer to smoke cannabis with a bong, water pipe or weed pipe. Or you prefer to vaporize your favourite herbs or oil with the help of a vaporizer. At 420shop you'll find it all!

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Headshop Smoking Accessories

Buy the best and cheapest smoking accessories in our online headshop. We provide you with the best brands for the right price. From the most basic gear a cannabis smoker needs such as an ashtray or lighter. To exclusive weed pipes, bongs and vaporizers. We have the best glass bongs with all the accessories such as pre-coolers, screens and products to clean your bong.

Smoking Cannabis? We Have Everything You Need!

Smoking cannabis can be done in different ways. The most well-known way of consuming cannabis is by smoking a joint. A joint is a mixture of dried cannabis and tobacco. Some people also smoke a joint pure. Another way of smoking hash or weed pure is by using a weed pipe or water pipe. This water pipe, also called a bong, is specially made to smoke cannabis. There are some differences between a traditional water pipe and a bong.

Vaporizing Cannabis With A Vaporizer

If you want to use pure cannabis without smoking it, a cannabis vaporizer is a good solution. A vaporizer is a device which heats up the cannabis to a temperature at which the active substances are released without burning. This prevents you from inhaling certain harmful substances which are released during the combustion of tobacco and cannabis. Moreover, using a vaporizer is much more efficient than smoking a joint, weed pipe, water pipe or bong. The smoke that normally goes into the air when burning is not applicable when using a vaporizer.

All The Smoking Accessoiries You Need

Even if you don't smoke cannabis, but you do smoke cigarettes or tobacco, 420shop has everything you need. If you are looking for a nice ashtray with or without cannabis decoration, you will find it in our assortment. Are you looking for a handy tobacco pouch for traveling? We have a wide range of cases in which you can store your tobacco and keep it fresh. Moreover, the tobacco pouches are very handy to keep all your smoking accessories together. This way you always have your rolling papers and tobacco at hand. You can also easily take your lighter with you.

In addition to the wide range of cannabis-related products, we also offer an extensive selection of rolling papers and filter tips. We understand that rolling papers are an important part of smoking cigarettes and joints, which is why we have a variety of brands and types of rolling papers to suit your preference.

Discover Brands like Mascotte for high Quality Rolling Papers

A good start starts with choosing the right rolling papers. That is why we offer a range of rolling papers from well-known brands, including the renowned brand "Mascotte." Mascotte has established itself as a leading brand in the tissue industry, known for its quality and craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for king-size rolling papers, slim size, unbleached varieties or even special editions, Mascotte has it all. The choice in rolling papers is as diverse as the smokers themselves.

Buy Your Lighter Online For The Best Price

In our extensive assortment, you can find the best lighters and Zippos. Well-known lighter brands like BIC and Clipper can be ordered at 420shop at the best price. Even if you prefer a cheap disposable lighter, you can buy them from us individually or in boxes. If you prefer to light your cigarette, cigar or joint with a refillable lighter, we have several products that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a gasoline lighter or one that you can fill with butane gas, we have it all! An electrical plasma lighter is also available in various models. The flame of these lighters is windproof.

Ordering At 420Shop Has Many Advantages

420Shop has a very wide range with attractive prices. We strive to be the best when it comes to smoking, vaporizing, and using cannabis. We always go the extra mile to make you satisfied as a customer. If you have placed an order you are not satisfied with, we will find a suitable solution or you will simply get your money back. Your order is always well packed and sent insured in a discreet package, so your package will always arrive in the right state.

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