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Welcome to our collection of metal ashtrays! Strong and stylish. Suitable for any place indoors and outdoors. Choose your favourite for a tidy and trendy smoking spot.

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Metal Ashtrays: Stylish and Durable

Metal ashtrays are a perfect combination of style, durability and functionality. Made of high-quality metal materials ranging from stainless steel to aluminium, these ashtrays are long-lasting. They are not only practical, but also add a touch of elegance to any room.

Benefits metal ashtray:

1. Durability and Resistance
Metal ashtrays are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. The robust metal material ensures that the ashtrays can withstand daily use and any knocks or drops. This keeps them looking new for a long time and maintains their functionality.

2. Heat resistance
Metal ashtrays are excellent for putting out cigarettes and other smoking debris. The metal is heat-resistant and prevents the ashtray from melting or deforming, even when repeatedly exposed to high temperatures.

3. Easy to Clean
One of the advantages of metal ashtrays is the ease of cleaning. The smooth surface makes it easy to remove residue and ashes. A quick rinse and a wipe with a cloth are usually enough to make the ashtray clean and fresh again.

4. Variation in Design
Metal ashtrays come in different designs, ranging from plain and modern to classic and elegant. You can choose from various colours and finishes to match the style of your interior or exterior. In our range, you will find various brands such as: V-Syndicate, RAW, Barneys Farm and Elements.

You can use metal ashtrays in many different places:

1. Catering establishments
Restaurants, bars and pubs often use metal ashtrays because of their durability and professional appearance. They are perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.

2. Home use
In the home, metal ashtrays offer a contemporary look and are functional for both individual use and social gatherings.

3. Outdoor use
Metal ashtrays are ideal for outdoor use, such as on patios, gardens, and terraces. Their durability makes them resistant to various weather conditions.

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Metal ashtrays offer an ideal combination of durability, style and convenience. They are suitable for a variety of uses and complement various interior styles. Whether in a restaurant, home or outdoor space, metal ashtrays add a touch of elegance to the environment while managing smoking waste in a stylish and efficient manner. Choose a metal ashtray and experience the durability and convenience of this timeless smoking accessory. Also check out the rest of our range for glass, ceramic and fun design ashtrays.

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