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In our headshop you will find all kinds of accessories for bongs, chillums and pipes such as screens, extra bowls and multi-tools. We also have everything you need for cleaning your bong or water pipe such as pipe cleaners, brushes and cleaner.

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Cannabis products

At 420Shop, you can buy all kinds of cannabis products and related paraphernalia. Each product is described in detail, along with any accessories you can order. For most cannabis pipes, it is advisable to use screens. These are available in different sizes. Check the product description to see which screens fit best. 


In our assortment you will find many different kinds of bongs, dab rigs and weed pipes. For the best result it is also important to keep your equipment clean. A dirty bong is not good for the taste. Most bongs can be cleaned with cleaner and brushes. We have these in every size you need. Also, pipe cleaners are very handy to clean a weed pipe with.

Weed accessories

If you are going to use cannabis, you also need the appropriate accessories. At 420shop, you can find many different kinds of rolling papers and filter tips. You also need a grinder, an ashtray, lighters and perhaps a rolling tray. Don't want to smoke a joint but want to use cannabis in a different way? Try weed in a vaporizer or cannabis concentrates in a dab rig. To keep everything together and in a safe place, there is plenty of choice of stash products.

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