Buy the best bongs and water pipes right here at 420shop. We have a great selection of exclusive glass bongs. Even if you are looking for a low priced hookah, you will find it in our online bong shop. We have a broad range of; acrylic, ceramic, silicone and glass bongs. Upgrade your bong with a pre-cooler for a smoother smoke. Or buy a new fancy bowl in the color you desire. Every bong-smoker needs accessories to smoke and clean their pipe. We supply you with the best materials and handy tools.

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Buying a bong

What is exactly a bong and why would you buy a bong? A bong is a pipe with which you can smoke cannabis and hashish alongside tobacco. This bong originates from the water pipe and is originally from the Middle East. The name bong is derived from the Thai word 'bong' or 'baung'. This simply means 'a water pipe made of bamboo'.

Different kinds of bongs

At 420shop, you can buy bongs made from various materials. Each material has it's own pros and cons. The most popular and best are glass bongs. An acrylic bong is perfect for first-timers, because they don't weigh much, are easy to clean and are very durable. A plastic bong won't get damaged if you happen to drop it. A lot of people prefer glass bongs, because glass is taste- and odorless and are in most cases a hand-blown artwork. Plus, it's really cool to watch the smoke travel through your bong.

  • Glass bongs are used most often.
  • Plastic bongs are cheap and durable.
  • Silicone bongs are nearly indestructable.
  • Ceramic bongs are sturdy and have a more decorative design.

The benefits of using a bong

Using a bong offers many advantages compared to a joint or a cigarette. When you smoke with a bong you almost lose no smoke, so the effect of your cannabis is much stronger. After all, you inhale much deeper using a bong whereas if you were to smoke a joint. If you use a bong you can get much more out of your cannabis. When smoking through a bong, you won't have this problem as all the smoke is trapped within the bong. Another benefit of smoking through a bong is that the smoke will be cooled by the water. On top of all that, it's really cool to watch your bong being filled with smoke before you inhale it. Some bongs have beautiful additions like a percolator or diffuser.

What is the use of an Ice Bong?

An Ice Bong is specially designed to add ice cubes at the top of the bong. This provides extra cooling of the smoke, so you have less irritation to your throat and you can breathe more smoke. Due to the melting ice in the bong, the water level rises, so take into account the amount of water that you pour into the bong beforehand.

Difference between a water pipe and a bong

A water pipe is often smoked with tobacco while bongs are loved by cannabis smokers. You can smoke a bong without water, but the water in the bong ensures that the smoke is cooled and that makes it a lot more pleasant! A water pipe usually has a narrow tube with a mouthpiece. A bong has a wide tube with a mouthpiece. As soon as the bong is filled with smoke, the finger in front of the carb hole (kick hole) is removed and the smoke can be inhaled in one go. This is also one of the reasons that bongs have more volume.

About 420Shop

With over 20 years professionalism and experience 420 online headshop offers you possibly the largest selection of bongs, grinders, cannabis seeds and much more. Our shop guarantees good quality and service. So you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the products you ordered at 420Shop. All orders are sent in correct packaging so that the bong you buy at 420Shop arrives well.

At 420Shop you enjoy the following benefits:

  • The employees have the required knowledge.
  • Order before 16:20, you will receive your order the next day.
  • 7 days a week customer support via Whatssapp message.
  • You can pay quickly and safely.
  • Excellent warranty. Is not it good? Then you get your money back!

Buying a bong at 420Shop

Have you become interested in buying a bong or are you looking for another bong? Take a look at the 420Shop website and make a choice! Besides buying bongs, you can of course go to many more products in this online store. If you have a question you can always contact the employees by phone. However, they can also be accessed via Whatsapp during opening hours by calling 06-34848442. You can also send an email to or fill in the contact form.

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