Bong Accessoires

Welcome to the world of bong accessories, where each item plays a specific role to enhance your smoking experience. We have fantastic bong accessories you can add to your collection. We also have bong spare parts such as bowls, downpipes, screens, adapters and cleaning supplies.

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Bong Accessories

Is there a part of your bong that has broken? Thinking about expanding with a pre-cooler or need extra parts and accessories like bowls, downpipes, pre-coolers, etc? At 420shop, you'll find a comprehensive range of accessories for your bong in our online headshop. Be sure to pay attention to the length and/or size when buying a new part to ensure it fits perfectly with your bong.

Adapters: Transform Your Bong

In the world of bongs, adapters are like versatile chameleons. They can transform your bong to fit your specific needs. A bong adapter is a handy connector that allows different sizes of bowls and other accessories to fit your bong or dab rig. This convenient connection, also known as the grind, joint, or connector, comes in various sizes and both male and female forms. With an adapter, you can, for example, make an 18.8 mm connection suitable for a 14.5 mm bowl.

Using an adapter offers several benefits. Imagine accidentally buying the wrong size bowl. No worries! An adapter effortlessly solves this problem, ensuring your bowl still fits perfectly on your bong. Additionally, it may happen that both your dab rig and bowl have male connections. Fortunately, with an adapter, you can still make these accessories compatible. For bong collectors, where not every bong has the same connections, an adapter provides a solution to use all your accessories on every bong in your collection. And for those who want to use the same banger on all their dab rigs, an adapter can also come in handy.

Downpipes: The Connection Between Bowl and Chamber

Downpipes form the crucial connection between the bowl and the water chamber of your bong, making them an indispensable part of your smoking experience. Whether you opt for a metal downpipe commonly used in ceramic and acrylic bongs, where the bowl can be unscrewed, or a glass downpipe where the bowl and tube are attached, they are an essential piece of the bong.

Bowls: The Heart of Your Bong

The bowl is where it all begins. This is where you place your favorite herb and let the magic happen. With different sizes and shapes, you can choose a bowl that fits your taste and style perfectly. Although most bongs come standard with a bowl, it may break or you may simply want a larger model. It's important to know what size bowl you need for your bong. Most bongs have male bowls available in 14 mm and 18 mm sizes. Small to medium-sized bongs usually use 14 mm bowls, while larger bongs often require 18 mm bowls. If you have a different size bong or bowl, you can always order an adapter to connect them. Bowls come in various designs and materials, such as glass, wood, metal, and soapstone.

Screens: For a Clean and Efficient Smoking Experience

Nothing is more annoying than getting a mouthful of ash with every hit. Fortunately, screens can save you! They prevent ash from entering your mouth, ensuring a clean and efficient smoking experience. A screen sits in the bowl of a bong, water pipe, or dry pipe where the cannabis is burned. Depending on your preference and the type of pipe or bong you use, you can choose from various types of screens. Screens that are not too fine-meshed are ideal for smoking hash, while finer-meshed screens are better suited for weed. There are various types of screens available, such as conical, steel, lift-off, fine-meshed, filter, and glass frit screens, available in different sizes. It's important to check the dimensions of your bong or pipe before choosing a screen.

Precoolers: Cool and Refreshing

Precoolers are like the refreshing oasis in the world of bong smokers. They add an extra layer of cooling to your smoking sessions, making every hit smoother and more enjoyable. With a precooler, you can first pass the smoke through an additional chamber before it reaches your lungs, reducing the temperature of the smoke and making smoking less intense. Precoolers are available in various styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your bong and preferences. Some precoolers even have built-in percolators for extra filtration and cooling. Consider adding a precooler to your bong setup for an extra touch of comfort and refreshment during your smoking sessions.

Cleaning Supplies: Keep Your Bong Sparkling Clean

Just like any tool, your bong needs some extra care to maintain its shine. Fortunately, there are various cleaning supplies to keep your bong and its parts sparkling clean, such as pipe cleaners, alcohol, bong caps, multi-tools, and more. A bong cleaner is indispensable for removing stubborn dirt and residue. For hard-to-reach places, handy bong brushes are available. Special cleaning baths provide thorough cleaning for your bowls and bangers, while regular cleaning of your downpipes improves the quality of your smoking experience. With these simple tools, your bong is always ready for a delightful smoking session.

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