Bong Bowls

A bowl is an essential part of a pipe or bong. This is where the cannabis gets lit. The most common materials are glass and metal, but there are also bowls of clay, soapstone or other materials. Metal or glass screens are often used. These screens ensure that the crushed cannabis does not fall into the bong.

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Buying Bowls

Bowls are important accessories when you want to smoke a bong. A bong needs a bowl because you put the cannabis in it. Most bongs come with a bowl. But if it breaks or you want to buy a nicer one, find a nice design and order it here at 420shop.

What size bowl do I need?

In our headshop, we sell mainly male but also female bowls. The male bowls fit on most bongs. These are available in 14mm and 18mm. So, check which size bowl you need for your bong before ordering. The small to medium sized bongs usually have 14mm bowls, while the 18mm bowls are used on larger bongs. If you have a different size bong or bowl then order an adapter. With this you can connect most bowls and bongs with each other.

Bowls in various designs

Bowls come in various shapes and sizes. They are made of different materials like glass, wood, metal or soapstone. First consider which bowl best suits the look of your bong. Glass bowls come in different shapes like a glass blown snake or a skull. Some bowls have a handle, for example the liftoff bowls. Thanks to the handle, you can easily remove the bowl from the bong, allowing you to inhale the smoke more quickly.

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