A screen or pipe gauze is an important part of a bong or weed pipe. The gauze ensures that the crumbled cannabis does not end up in the water of your bong, or in your mouth with a weed pipe. The most common and cheapest screens are made of steel. But also brass or glass screens are often used.

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Why Is A Gauze Or Screen Necessary?

A screen is placed in the bowl of a bong, water pipe or pure pipe, this is the part where the cannabis is heated. The gauze prevents the cannabis from entering your mouth. Depending on the type of pipe or bong you are going to use, you can adapt the screens to it. For smoking weed or hash you can use different screens.

Different Screens For Hash Or Weed Pipes

When you smoke hash with a pipe it is best to use gauze that is not very fine-meshed. Then there is less chance of clogging up your gauze. Hash contains more oil so the gauze can get clogged up. Finer mesh screens are more suitable for weed, because they stop the small crystals and particles in the weed better.

Which screens to buy?

There are several types of screens and gauzes you can use in your bong or pipe. For a good overview we have put them in a list.

  • Conical screens
  • Steel pipe screens
  • Liftoff screens
  • Fine mesh screens
  • Filter screens
  • Glass frit screens
  • Mystique conical screens

Screens are available in different sizes. When using conical screens it is important to measure the size first. We have these screens in our assortment in the following sizes: 12, 15 and 20mm. If you buy a bong or a weed pipe from us, you can read the size of the screens in the product description. The mystique conical screens are suitable for weed pipes made of natural stone.

If you buy steel screens and you accidentally made a mistake in the size, you can cut them to the correct size with a strong pair of scissors. These screens are not recommended for glass bowls because they can leave scratches on the glass. Glass screens are not flexible and should be the same size as the bowl. These bong-screens are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and can withstand large temperature fluctuations. The advantage of filter stones is that you can easily clean them and use them again.


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