Ceramic Bongs

Do you want to buy a ceramic bong? Order bongs in various shapes and colors online here at 420shop. We have a large selection of original and eccentric ceramic bongs. The downpipe is usually made of metal and sealed with a rubber ring.

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Ceramic Bong

A ceramic bong is not only great for smoking your favourite weed, but often serves as a beautiful piece of decoration too. This is the advantage of ceramic. These bongs are available in all kinds of funny and absurd models. Often they are not even recognizable as a bong but look more like a holiday souvenir.

Advantages of a ceramic bong

  • Affordable bong
  • Pure taste
  • Many fun and original models

How to use a ceramic bong

Using a ceramic bong is exactly the same as using any other bong. You start by filling the bong. Pour the water in through the mouthpiece from the top. When the downstem is about 2 to 3 cm under water it is enough. Bongs made of ceramic are usually not transparent, but you can estimate how much water you have to put in. If your bong has a kickhole, make sure the water level stays below this level. Fill the bowl with weed and light it.

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