Bong Cleaning

After using your bong or water pipe, sticky substances will remain behind in the bong. A dirty bong is not good for the taste, so cleaning your bong regularly is necessary. Especially the downpipe, adapter and other parts where the smoke is concentrated through small openings will get dirty faster. Also the bowl in which the cannabis is burned will have to be cleaned more often.

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Cleaning products

After smoking or vaping cannabis, a layer of cannabinoids remains on your bong, pipe or vaporizer. This does not dissolve well in just water. With cleaning products and a brush you can clean your equipment in no time. It is important to clean your devices regularly. By doing so, the quality of your smoking experience remains good and your equipment lasts longer.

Bong Cleaning

How often you clean a bong depends on how often you use it. It is advisable to change the water in the bong regularly. By doing so the taste gets better and the smoke milder. For cleaning your bong, you can use different means like disinfecting alcohol, bong cleaner or baking soda with a little vinegar. Take the removable parts off the bong and clean them with warm water and one of these agents. Put some cleaning solution in the bong as well and shake well. The holes of the bong can be closed with bong cleaning caps. With a bong brush you can reach the difficult spots. These are available in different sizes.

Cleaning of Plastic Bongs

There is always some residue left over from previous smoking sessions. Cleaning plastic bongs is easy with a brush and detergent suitable for this material. Never use alcohol in combination with plastic pipes or bongs. Preferably use a biological cleaning agent like bong cleaner.

Cleaning Glass Bongs with Alcohol or Bong Cleaner

To clean glass bongs and parts you can use isopropyl alcohol as well as bong cleaner. With a brush you can clean most parts of the bong. For downpipe, adapter bowl and narrow openings of the bong you can use pipe cleaners. Then rinse them with warm water. Note: when you expose a glass bong to sudden temperature changes, the glass can break. Do not use boiling water immediately!

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