Glass Bongs

In our online headshop you will find a wide range of glass bongs and accessories. The best quality bongs from brands such as Black Leaf, Blaze and Keith Haring.

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Why buy a glass bong?

Using a glass bong offers a bunch of benefits in comparison to acrylic, wooden or ceramic bongs.

  • A glass bong is taste- and odorless, so you can enjoy the full flavour of your cannabis.
  • It's fun to watch the smoke travel through your bong.
  • Glass is sturdier than acrylic, so you're less likely to get scratches on it.
  • Coloured glass looks better than acrylic.
  • There are countless accessories you can order for your bong.
  • Some glass bongs have percolators or other cooling elements that help cool down the smoke.

Long story short; there are a lot of advantages to using a glass bong. Still worried you might knock it over or drop it? Take a look at our acrylic bongs, or better yet, our silicone bongs. The silicone bongs are nearly indestructible and because of the flexible material, they're very easy to take with you.

Buying accessories for glass bongs

The diversity in bongs, bowls, downpipes, pre-coolers and other accessories is huge. In our online headshop you'll find the most diverse selection of hookahs and bong accessories. Do you want to buy a bong, but feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of different bongs and accessories? Don't hesitate to send us a message, so we can help you find the most suitable bong for you. You can reach us by calling during opening hours, or by sending us an email/Whatsapp message or fill in the contact form.

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