Ice Bongs

An ice bong is specially designed to add ice cubes to the top of the bong. The ice rests on the ice notches at the top of the cylinder of the bong. When the smoke passes the ice it is extra cooled. The melting ice will also cool down the temperature of the water in the bong. The cooled smoke feels softer in your throat and you can inhale more smoke.

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Order an ice bong

So, you want to buy an ice bong? Then you've come to the right (web)address. In the extensive product range of our online headshop, you'll find a lot of different bongs you can order. Looking for a bong that's durable and doesn't break easily? Take a look at our acrylic bongs. When you're looking for a nearly indestructible bong, take a look at our silicone variants. Our range of glass bongs is the pride of our store. You'll find the most diverse models here, anything from cheap bongs to exclusive models.

Using ice in your bong

When you're going to add ice to your bong, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The size of the ice cubes have to fit in the cilinder. If the ice cubes are too big you can wrap them in a cloth and crush the ice a little. Also take into account the amount of water you pour into the bong beforehand, because the melting ice makes the water level rise.

Buying an ice bong at 420Shop

Have you gotten interested in buying an ice bong, but can't figure out which one you want most? You can always call us during opening hours, we will gladly help you with any question you have. You can always reach us by sending a Whatsapp message or email, even in the weekends. Alternatively, you can also always fill in the contactform.

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