In our assortment you can always find the lighter you are looking for. From cheap disposable lighters and durable BIC lighters to an exclusive plasma lighter that can be charged via USB. Various torch lighters (with turbo flame): windproof and useful for weed pipes, bongs or water pipes. The best brands of lighters like: Clipper, Unilite, Zippo and many more!

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Weed Lighters

Lighters are indispensable when smoking weed. But not every lighter is the same. There are different brands and types you can choose from. You have cheap disposable lighters or, for example, Clipper lighters that you can refill. But there are also lighters that are suitable for dabbing or for lighting a gas cooker.

Clipper lighters

Clipper lighters are of good quality and last a long time. There are many different illustrations and new designs are constantly being added. There are many fans who even collect Clippers. The Clipper lighters are especially popular among stoners. This is because you can easily take out the flint and use it as a tamping tool. This way, you can gently press the contents of your joint, which makes the rolling paper burn slowly and gradually. Furthermore, these flints are easy to replace and you can refill the lighters. 

Buy a Zippo Petrol lighter?

You can buy various Zippo lighters in our lighter shop. The Zippo has been a popular brand for petrol lighters for decades. This is partly due to its high quality, durability and the many different models that are available. When you order a zippo from us, all you have to do is fill it with lighter fluid. Once filled, the zippo is ready to use. When the zippowick (lighter wick) needs replacing you can also order it from us!


A torch is a lighter that produces a powerful flame. These lighters are often used for dabbing concentrates. A torch reaches high temperatures which you need for dabbing. This is not possible with an ordinary lighter. Torches are also ideal for lighting coals on your hookah or shisha.

No more hassle? Buy a Rechargeable Plasma Lighter!

With the introduction of electronic lighters with plasma flame, filling your lighter with butane gas or petrol is a thing of the past! A flint that runs out or is broken will not happen to you anymore. A plasma lighter can be charged anywhere via a USB cable. Thanks to the electric ignition, the lighter can be used in all weather conditions. No gust of wind can put out the plasma flame. The flame can reach a temperature of almost 500 degrees Celsius!

A Storm Lighter Is Windproof

Do you want to buy a lighter that can withstand a gust of wind? Or do you want to lite firework? Choose a jetflame lighter. We have various moddels, from small to big, and everthing in between. This is especially useful during outdoor activities or camping. But you can also use it to burn the crispy crust of the creme bulee dessert. Do you have any questions about our products? Please contact us by calling 0031-634848442 or emailing

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