Clipper Lighter

If you want to buy a Clipper lighter, is the place to be. Order lighters fast and cheap on ✅ Order before 16:20 and you get it delivered tomorrow. The flint lighters from the Spanish brand Clipper are high quality and extremely popular. Clipper lighters are available in different models, colours and designs.

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Collect all the clipper designs

Clipper is well known for their various kinds of lighters with unique prints. These firestone lighters are of high quality and are famous worldwide. Are you a lighter collector? Because when you start collecting Clippers, you'll be busy for a while! They're available in different sizes, colours and designs.

Advantages of a Clipper lighter

  • Clipper lighters are refillable.
  • The flint is easy to replace.
  • Clippers still work after getting wet (dry the flint first).
  • The flame gets bigger when you hold the lighter at an angle.
  • The lighter fits exactly into a bottle of beer. This prevents bees from flying into your drink in the summer.

Flint Replacement

Clipper lighters last a long time. Not only because you can refill them, but also because the flint is replaceable. When the flint is worn out, you can easily replace it. You do not need any tools. The only thing you have to do is to pull the flint out of the Clipper. Remove the bottom part and put a new flint in the holder. The flint is held in place by a spring. You can also replace the Clipper flint system completely.

A must-have when you're using a bong or weedpipe

One of the biggest benefits of a Clipper lighter is that when you hold it at an angle, the flame becomes bigger. This is ideal for when you want to smoke a bong or weedpipe. The firestone system can be removed and then used as a poker for your joint. Long story short; this is the ideal lighter for any weed enthusiast. On top of that, there are countless clippers with a weed-related design, so you can smoke in style.

Metal Clipper lighters

Clipper lighters are also available in a metal version. These are stylish lighters in different colours and packed in a metal storage box. This is a very nice gift for someone's birthday or just for fun. As you expect from Clipper, these lighters are refillable with gas and the flint is replaceable.

Jetflame lighters are wind-proof

Are you looking for a powerful lighter that can withstand a gush of wind or two? Then you've come to the right address! At 420shop, we sell various jetflame lighters. From small ones to big ones, and everything in between. The Clipper jetflame lighter will work whatever the weather. Strong wind or stormy weather is no problem for a storm lighter. Take a look at our extensive collection of lighters and make your choice. If you have any questions about a lighter or another product, or if you have any questions about the shipment of your package, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can always contact our customer service via our contact page.

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