Jetflame Lighter

A jetflame lighter is windproof. These storm lighters remain lit during a strong gust of wind. This is useful when you want to light a cigarette or joint outside in a strong wind or storm. In most cases, they are refillable, so they will last a long time.
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Lighters with jetflame

A storm lighter with a jetflame is a reliable companion for those in changeable weather conditions or simply looking for a robust fire lighter.

How does a Storm Lighter work?

A storm lighter works on the principle of butane gas combustion to produce a stable flame. The basic design of this lighter includes a gas reservoir, piezoelectric ignition, a control valve and a nozzle. Some models have special mechanisms, such as wind caps or storm valves, to protect the flame from external influences. The control valve allows you to adjust the size of the flame, which is useful depending on the purpose, such as lighting a candle or lighting a campfire. Regular maintenance, such as refilling butane gas on time and cleaning the nozzle, contributes to the optimal functioning of the storm lighter.

What Kind of Gas goes into a Storm Lighter?

A storm lighter typically uses butane gas as fuel. Butane gas is a highly flammable hydrocarbon gas that ignites easily when in contact with an ignition source, such as the electric spark in a jetflame lighter. Known for its efficient combustion properties, this gas is often chosen for its portability and ease of use. Refilling the storm lighter with butane gas is easy, allowing you to extend the lighter's lifespan. As a result, you will always have a working lighter for various outdoor activities or specific applications where a powerful flame is required.

What makes a Storm Lighter different from Ordinary Lighters?

A storm lighter is designed to withstand windy conditions, with the flame remaining stable even in strong winds. Most storm lighters feature a powerful jet flame that performs better in challenging situations. If you are looking for a lighter with a blue flame, then a jetflame lighter is just what you are looking for. This electric lighter does not have a flint, but an electric ignition. You use this by means of a push-button and an electric spark ignites the butane gas. In almost all cases, this spark is produced by the so-called piezoelectric effect.

Black Storm Lighter

This storm lighter has a jetflame and is ideal for outdoor use. They are windproof and not a luxury when camping or for lighting a bong, weed pipe or even fireworks. This black lighter is cheap, small in size and refillable. In addition, you can easily adjust the size of the flame.

Dab Torch

A Dab Torch, also known as a dabbing torch, is an essential tool for lovers of concentrates and dabbing. This portable torch is specially designed for heating dab nails to the optimal temperature for vaporising concentrates such as wax and shatter. With its powerful flame and precise controllability, the Dab Torch allows the user to precisely adjust the heat to their preferences, creating a flavourful and satisfying dab experience. Thanks to its compact size, the Dab Torch is easily portable and can be used wherever quick and efficient heating is required. Whether you are a seasoned dabber or new to the world of concentrates, a Dab Torch is an indispensable tool for achieving consistent and flavourful dabs. Check out our dab category for different dab rigs. Check out our dab category for different dab rigs.

Purchasing a jetflame lighter

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