Jetflame Lighter

A jetflame lighter is windproof. These storm lighters remain lit during a strong gust of wind. This is useful when you want to light a cigarette or joint outside in a strong wind or storm. In most cases, they are refillable, so they will last a long time.
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Lighters with jetflame

When you're looking for a lighter with a blue flame, a jetflame lighter is exactly what you need. These electric lighters don't have a firestone, but an electric ignition. All you have to do is press the button on the lighter and sparks will ignite the butanegas. This spark, in almost all cases, is produced by the so-called piezoelectric effect.

Black storm lighter

This storm lighter has a jetflame and is ideal for outdoor use. They are windproof and not a luxury when camping or for lighting a bong, weed pipe or even fireworks. This black lighter is cheap, small in size and refillable. In addition, you can easily adjust the size of the flame.

Dab Torch

A dab torch is used for dabbing concentrates. An ordinary lighter does not reach the temperatures you need for dabbing. This Candyland Dab Torch reaches temperatures up to 1400°C (2,700°F). It has a self-starting Piezo electric ignition system and you can adjust the length of the control flame yourself. It has nice illustrations by the designers of Dunkees artwork. Check out our dab category for different dab rigs.

Purchasing a jetflame lighter

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