Do you want to buy a reliable and durable lighter? Then you're at the right place at 420Shop. In our Zippo lighter assortment, you will find not only beautifully designed lighters, but also all the necessities such as flints, Zippo Wick and lighter fluid. Zippos are refillable lighters of very good quality and last a lifetime. 

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Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters have been popular gasoline lighters for decades. This is mainly because of its high quality and reliability. In addition, the Zippo lighter is windproof and refillable. You can maintain the lighter yourself and refill it when the liquid runs out. Separate parts such as the flint and the Zippo Wick are available separately and are easy to replace.

Advantages Zippo lighter

  • Reliable.
  • High quality.
  • Windproof.
  • Refillable with lighter fluid.
  • Separate parts available.

Refilling lighters

A Zippo lighter is easy to refill with liquid. The lighter part can be easily pulled out of its casing. There is a cushion of felt at the bottom which you lift to expose the cotton wool. On this you spray the lighter fluid until it is moist. Then slide everything back into the lighter. Pay attention when you use the lighter for the first time after refilling. The flame is a little bigger than normal.

Buying Zippo lighters

If you want to buy Zippo lighters, you have come to the right place at 420 Shop. Besides the Zippo lighter, we have several other brands and models lighters in our range. When you place an order in our online headshop, your order is shipped the same day. Place your order on working days before 16:20 and you will have your lighter the next day!

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