Do you want to buy a reliable and durable lighter? Then you're at the right place at 420Shop. In our Zippo lighter assortment, you will find not only beautifully designed lighters, but also all the necessities such as flints, Zippo Wick and lighter fluid. Zippos are refillable lighters of very good quality and last a lifetime. 

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Zippo Lighters

Zippo lighters are iconic and timeless accessories that have been loved by smokers, collectors and lovers of useful fire sources for decades. With their classic design and reliable performance, Zippo lighters have earned a special place in the world of lighters. This is mainly due to their high quality and reliability. In addition, the Zippo lighter is windproof and refillable. You can maintain and refill the lighter yourself when the liquid runs out. Separate parts such as the flint and the Zippo Wick are available separately and are easy to replace.

History of Zippo lighters

Zippo's history began in 1932, when George G. Blaisdell, an American entrepreneur, became inspired to make a better lighter. He was frustrated by the inconvenience of the then existing lighters, which often failed to work in windy weather. Blaisdell designed a compact, durable lighter with a hinged lid and a unique ignition mechanism. He named his creation the "Zippo" because of the word "zipper," which was popular at the time and stood for speed and efficiency.

The very first Zippo lighter, the Zippo-1, was introduced in 1933 and cost just $1.95. The design was simple but effective, and soon Zippo lighters became popular with the American public. During World War II, Zippo lighters were even issued to US soldiers, which contributed to their fame and popularity.

Refilling lighters

Refilling a Zippo lighter is easy. Just pay attention when you use the lighter for the first time after refilling. The flame will be slightly larger than normal. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Zippo by flipping up the lid.
  2. Pull the inside of the lighter (insert) out of the metal casing.
  3. Roll the insert upside down and fill the cotton filling material with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid. Do not overfill the lighter to avoid overflow.
  4. Place the insert back into the metal casing and close the lid.

Can you also put petrol in a Zippo? What kind of liquid goes in a Zippo?

Yes, you can put petrol in a Zippo lighter, but it has to be the right kind of petrol. Zippo lighters are designed to work with Zippo Premium lighter fluid, a special petrol formulated to give the best performance in Zippo lighters. Available in bottles and cans, this fluid is specially designed to protect the wick and flint mechanism of the Zippo.

The use of other types of petrol, such as car or camping fluid, is generally not recommended, as these fluids can be harmful to the lighter and shorten its lifespan. Moreover, using the wrong fuel can lead to unwanted smells and flavours in your Zippo.

How long does a Zippo wick last?

The lifespan of a Zippo wick can vary depending on how often the lighter is used and how well it is maintained. Generally, Zippo wicks last from a few months to a year with regular use. If you use your Zippo infrequently, the wick may last longer.

When the wick starts to wear out, you may notice that the flame becomes less powerful or the lighter becomes harder to ignite. Fortunately, replacing a Zippo wick is a relatively easy job. In our range, we also have Zippo wicks designed specifically for these lighters. By replacing the wick, you can extend the life of your Zippo lighter and ensure that it continues to perform optimally. Replacing a Zippo wick usually does not require any special tools and can be done using the instructions that come with the wick.

What does a genuine Zippo lighter cost?

The price of a genuine Zippo lighter varies depending on several factors, including the design, edition and any special features. In general, you can expect a new standard Zippo lighter to cost somewhere between €40 and €60. These basic models usually have a simple design and come in different colours and finishes.

However, if you are looking for special editions, vintage models or lighters with more intricate engravings and finishes, the price can be considerably higher. Some limited edition Zippo lighters can cost hundreds of dollars and there are even some rare and collectible Zippos that are worth thousands of dollars. It is important to remember that the price of a Zippo lighter is determined not only by its design, but also by its authenticity and rarity. Fake Zippo lighters are on the market and can be considerably cheaper, but they lack the quality and durability of genuine Zippos.

How can you tell if a Zippo is real or fake?

At 420shop you buy original Zippo lighters, of course. But should you still have one at home and are curious as to whether it is a real Zippo. Here are some characteristics by which you can recognise an authentic Zippo:

  1. Logo and markings: A genuine Zippo has a clear and sharp Zippo logo on the bottom, with the word "Zippo" and the distinctive flame and pipe logo. Check the quality of the engravings and drawings; fake Zippos may have sloppy or blurred images.
  2. Engraving of bottom plate: Look at the bottom plate of the Zippo. Genuine Zippos usually have the initials "Zippo" and "Bradford, PA" engraved, with "PA" referring to Pennsylvania, where the lighters are manufactured.
  3. Hinge sound: A genuine Zippo has a distinctive clicking sound when you open or close the lid, thanks to the sturdy hinge.
  4. Material and finish: Genuine Zippos are made of quality materials and have a durable finish. Check for any imperfections or rough edges, which often indicate a fake Zippo.
  5. Weight and feel: A genuine Zippo feels solid and has a certain weight characteristic of the brand. Fake lighters are often lighter and feel cheaper.

What is the most expensive Zippo in the world?

The price of a Zippo lighter can vary depending on its design, edition, material and rarity. There are some Zippo lighters that have made significant money at auctions or in private sales, making them among the most expensive Zippos in the world.

One of the most expensive Zippo lighters ever sold is the "Zippo 1933 Replica." This lighter was a replica of the very first Zippo prototype and was released in 1993 to celebrate Zippo's 60th anniversary. The Zippo 1933 Replica was released as a limited edition, and some examples have sold at auctions for thousands of dollars. However, it is important to note that the value of Zippo lighters is highly dependent on the collecting market and collector demand. What is considered expensive today may become even more valuable in the future.

Buy Zippo lighter

If you want to buy Zippo lighters, you have come to the right place at 420 Shop. In addition, we have several other brands and models of lighters in our range. We have brands like Clipper and Bic, but also other windproof jetflame and plasma lighters. When you place an order in our online headshop, your order will be shipped quickly and discreetly. Place your order on working days before 16:20 and you will receive your lighter the next day!

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