Concentrate Vaporizer

Concentrate vaporizers are used to vaporize oil, BHO, rosin, wax or other dabs. In our assortment you will find various models to vaporise dabs, weed or other herbs.

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Concentrate Vaporizers

Vaporizing concentrates? You can do that with a dab rig but also with a vaporizer. Not all vaporizers are the same. There are models which can only vaporize weed and are not suitable for dabs. So, make sure the vaporizer you buy can also be used for concentrates. There are luxury tabletop models such as the Vulcano Hybrid and Puffco Peak. But there are also dab pens designed specifically for cannabis concentrates. The advantage of a portable dab pen is that you can discreetly take a hit wherever you are. Check out our dab pen category for a variety of designs.

Vaping or smoking dabs?

Do you want to smoke wax, rosin, crumble or other dabs? Vape dabs with a vaporizer or vaporize them in a dab rig. A dab rig is a kind of bong for concentrates. The disadvantage of dabbing with a rig is that you need a number of attributes such as a dab tool, burner, banger etc. Using cannabis concentrates in a vaporizer is much simpler. It also has an efficient airflow and enhanced flavour.

Vape Wool for Concentrates and Hash

When vaporizing hash or concentrates in a vaporizer, there is a chance of clogging up the device. Many vape fans use Vape Wool to prevent this. Vape Wool consists of 100% natural hemp fibres and absorbs concentrates like hash oil very well. These hemp fibres are resistant to 240° C and ensure that your vaporizer remains in optimum condition. Do you want to know more about the right temperature for vaping concentrates, weed and hash? Read more in the article on vaporizer temperatures.

Buy a vaporizer

Buy a vaporizer if you want to vape dabs or concentrates. Some vaporizers are suitable for herbs and dabs. The extra attributes you need for this are included. Each device has different features. Read more information on the product pages or contact our customer service. During opening hours, our staff can be reached by phone, outside opening hours you can contact us by sending an email to or via WhatsApp 06-34848442. Our customer service will gladly help you by giving you advice about our products.

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