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A dab pen is used to heat cannabis concentrates to a high temperature so that it vaporizes. Dab pens, also called wax pens or dab vaporizers, are used to vape oil, BHO, rosin, wax or other dabs. 

Since July 1, 2023, there has been a change in the law that means we are no longer allowed to sell vaporizers remotely within the Netherlands. Do you live outside the Netherlands or do you want to pick up the vape pen yourself? Contact us!
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What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are known by different names. In some head shops, they are sold under the name wax pen or dab vaporizer. Except for minor differences, they all work the same way. These dab pens heat a cannabis concentrate to a high temperature in order to evaporate the concentrate. The advantage of a dab pen is that you can dab in a portable and discreet way. In addition, you experience the power and flavor of the concentrate without putting a lot of effort into it like with dabbing.

Dab Pen or Dab Rig?

The purpose of a dab pen is the same as that of a dab rig: to vaporize cannabis concentrates. A dab pen is just easier to use and ideal for taking anywhere. While dabbing with a dab rig, you need quite a few accessories such as a burner, nail, banger and dab tools. Check out our dab rig category if you want to dab this way. But if you want to enjoy your concentrate discreetly, it's better to buy a dab pen. However, some dabbers claim that you can achieve higher temperatures with a dab rig than with a vaporizer. But thanks to innovations, there are good concentrate vaporizers on the market that achieve dab temperatures. Want to know more about the right temperature for vaping concentrates, weed and hash? Read more in the article on vaporizer temperatures.

How to Use a Dab Pen.

Vaporizing concentrates in a dab pen is easy. Just make sure the device is charged before you start vaping. It usually takes a little longer when you first charge a new vaporizer. Putting the concentrate into the chamber of a vaporizer is done manually. Because dabs are quite sticky or liquid like oil, it is better not to do this with your hands but with a dab tool. Then turn on the pen and set the desired temperature. Next, inhale the vapor. It is best to inhale the vape vapor more gently than when smoking a joint. Each vaporizer comes with an instruction manual. Read this information before using the device.

What is the Difference between a Dab Pen and a Vaporizer Pen?

The main difference between these two pens is that a dab pen only allows you to vape concentrates. A vaporizer pen is suitable for vaping both weed and a cannabis concentrate. With each product in our vaporizer category, we have described what the device is suitable for. A good example of a dab pen is the Puffco Plus. This vaporizer is designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis concentrates such as BHO (butane honey oil), wax and other dabs.

What Does a Dab Pen Cost?

Are you interested in vaporizing concentrates in an electric vaporizer? In our headshop you can buy a cheap dab pen. For a few bucks, you already have one. This way you can discreetly vape dabs wherever you want. The devices are portable and easy to use. No combustion takes place so harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, benzene and tar are not released. So you can fully enjoy your high and use cannabis in more healthy way. Do you need expert advice when buying a vaporizer? Then you can always contact one of our employees by calling +31-634848442, emailing contact@420shop.nl or filling out the contact form.

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