Pen Vaporizer

Pen vaporizers can be used to vaporize concentrates, weed or other dry herbs. Each vaporizer gives a description of which type of cannabis it is suitable for. These vaporizers are portable, discrete, sturdy and easy to use.

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Pen Vaporizers

All Pen Vaporizers in our assortment are portable and easy to use. These vaporizers are shaped like a pen and are also sometimes called vape pen. With this pen you can vaporize cannabis or other herbs. The nice thing about these models is that you can easily put the vaporizer in your pocket or bag. Most have a fast heat-up time and are ideal to take with you on holiday or to a festival.

Smoking weed with a Vape Pen

There are recreational or medicinal reasons to smoke weed. You can do this by rolling a joint but also with a vape pen. The weed does not burn but vaporizes and this vapor is less harmful than smoke. In a joint you often use tobacco but in a vaporizer you enjoy pure cannabis. There are more advantages to vaporizing weed. With a pen you can dose better and nothing is lost of the content. Do you want to know more about the right temperature for vaping concentrates, weed and hash? Read more in the article on vaporizer temperatures.

Pen Vaporizers for Concentrates

Vaporizing concentrates or dabs with a vaporizer? This is possible, but pay attention to which vaporizer you buy. Some can only be used for weed or dried herbs and others are specially designed for vaporizing concentrates. The advantage of a dab pen is that you can micro dose cannabis, so you can control your high. In addition, you can discreetly take a hit without anyone noticing. Check out our dab pen category for various models. But there are also models which can be used to vaporize weed and dabs. Which vaporizer is best depends on your needs and lifestyle.

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