Weed Vaporizer

The easiest way to vape is with a vaporizer. We have various models in our assortment; from luxury vaporizers for on the table to cheap and simple weed vaporizers so that with every budget you can vape weed.

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Weed Vaporizers

You can vape weed with a vaporizer. There are many different models available and choosing the best one is often difficult. But there is a vaporizer for every budget. There are luxury table top models with the latest high-tech but also affordable and simple vaporizers. 

Vaping weed

Vaping is slightly different from smoking weed. When you vape your weed it is heated so that it just doesn't burn but to the point where the cannabinoids vaporize. Another advantage is that harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and tar are not released when vaporizing. No smoke is released, but vapour, which provides an even better high. In addition, you don't use tobacco in a vaporizer, so vaping is less harmful than smoking. You don't need any rolling papers, tips or other accessories and your vaporizer is quickly ready for use.

Vaporizer temperature

Choosing the right temperature for your cannabis vaporizer is important. This influences the effect of the weed. At every temperature a different substance is released from your weed. When you set the vaporizer to a low temperature of 160 degrees for example, you experience a mild high. But at a high temperature you'll get stoned. Of course this also has to do with the type of weed you vape. There are types of cannabis with a high THC percentage, average or low. But there are also strains with a high CBD content and are very popular among medicinal users. Do you want to know more about the right temperature for vaping concentrates, weed and hash? Read more in the article on vaporizer temperatures.

Buy a weed vaporizer

Do you want to switch from smoking to vaping weed? Take a look at our entire range of vaporizers and order one that suits you. If you have a question about one of our products, you can always contact our staff by phone, they will be happy to help you. We can also be reached during opening hours via WhatsApp by calling 06-34848442. You can also send an e-mail to contact@420shop.nl or fill in the contact form.

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