Weed Pipes

Buy a weed pipe in our online store. We have all shapes, sizes and materials. We have it all. Traditional hand carved wooden pipe, exclusive spoon shaped glass pipes with inside or outside art. Smoking systems made of glass and metal such as the original 7 Pipe. When you use a weed pipe, you can smoke pure weed, hash or other herbs much easier and faster.

In addition to the many types of weed pipes available in our 420 Headshop, you will find various tools and cleaning products to clean your pipes. We have pipe screens in different sizes and different materials.

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Buy a weed pipe

The pipe is one of the oldest inventions in the field of smoking herbs and tobacco. Smoking a pipe remained the most popular way to smoke for centuries. In the past, weed pipes were made of wood, but nowadays the weed pipes that you can buy at 420Shop are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. A weed pipe is very popular among people who like to smoke without using tobacco. When you buy a weed pipe at 420Shop, you do not have to roll a joint. If you smoke through a weed pipe you can smoke weed much easier and faster and you do not need tobacco anymore.

We have the largest range of pure pipes.

Whether you're looking for a traditional wooden pipe or a cheap weed pipe made of metal? We have the most diverse range! Are you looking for an eye-catching model? Then buy a hand-blown glass pipe, or one made of natural stone such as fluorite or amathyst. If you prefer a discrete model, you will also find various weed pipes that meet your needs. How about a bracelet with a weed pipe hidden in it?

What else do you need besides a weed pipe?

In addition to the many types of weed pipes available in our 420 Headshop, you will find various tools and cleaning products to clean your pipes. We have pipe screens in different sizes and different materials. Most pipes are equipped with a pipe gauze, also called screen. When a product is not standard equipped with a screen, this is always indicated on our website. You can also find information on the product page about which size screens are suitable for the pipe.

Why is a gauze or screen needed?

A pipe gauze is in the bowl of the pipe, this is the part where the hash or weed is burned. The gauze will stop the cannabis from falling through so that it does not end up in your mouth. You can use different gauzes for smoking weed or hash. Fine-meshed screens are better suited for weed pipe, while the slightly less fine-meshed screens are better suited to use in your hash pipe. We always recommend to order extra gauze. A clean pipe with a new screen just smokes much better than a used pipe!

Different kinds of pipes

Weed pipes are made of metal, glass, wood or a combination of these materials. In our assortment we have a weed pipe for every occasion and budget. There are classic pipes like the RAW Natural Pipe, Calumet Luxe Wietpijp or the Marley Spoon Pipe. A glass pipe has the advantage that this material does not give off any flavour to the weed you smoke in it. They are available in different colours and shapes. The disadvantage is that glass can break. Pipes made of metal are durable, indestructible and can be bought for a few Euros.


The traditional Zippsy Pipe is made of olive wood and was originally used to smoke hash. They are also called "Kief Pipe" and are available in two-piece and as a gift set. They fit a bowl made of wood, metal, soapstone or ceramic. There is also the 3-piece Long Shisham pipe. Because the smoke travels a long way in the pipe, the smoke becomes milder and contributes to a pleasant smoking experience.

About 420Shop, the online headshop

420Shop is the online headshop that offers its customers excellent service and an extensive range of products. Whether you're looking for a long rolling paper, or want to buy cannabis seeds or a weed pipe. At 420Shop you will find everything that has to do with smoking cannabis. If you have placed an order that you are not satisfied with, you will simply receive your money back. In addition, you will receive a free gift with every order. Your order is always packed in a discreet package, so your package always arrives in the right condition.

At 420Shop you enjoy the following benefits:

  • The employees have the required knowledge.
  • Order before 16:20, you will receive your order the next day.
  • 7 days a week customer support via WhatsApp message.
  • You can pay quickly and safely.
  • Excellent warranty. Not satisfied? We will solve it!

Buying a weed pipe at 420Shop

Do you want to buy a weed pipe at 42OShop? Take a look at the extensive range and make a choice! 420Shop has an extensive range of products, so there is a chance that you just cannot decide what to buy. In this case or if you have other questions you can always contact an expert employee by filling in the contact form, calling 06-34848442 or by emailing contact@420shop.nl. During the opening hours of 10: 00-17: 00 a staff member can be reached by telephone. Outside office hours you can contact us by calling, e-mailing or sending an app to 06-34848442. This expert will gladly help you further by giving you advice on which weed pipe you can best buy in your situation.

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