Pipe Accessories

For smoking and cleaning a weed pipe you need some accessories. You will find all the necessities in our online headshop! To clean a metal or glass weed pipe you can use cleaning alcohol. Order your pipe & accessories before 16:20 and your order will be shipped the same day.

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Pipe accessories

Smoking cannabis in a pipe gives a good smoking experience. Besides a weed pipe you also need a couple of pipe accessories. For instance screens, a lighter and a cleaning brush. A pipe lasts longer when you clean it regularly. Remove the residue inside the pipe with a pipe cleaner. In addition, you can use cleaning wipes, cleaner and warm water to clean the outside. Please note that most wooden weed pipes do not withstand aggressive cleaners.


Almost every pipe needs a screen. A screen makes sure your weed and ashes stay in the bowl of the pipe. So, there is no chance of ashes or pieces of cannabis ending up in your mouth. We recommend replacing your screen once in a while, since they get dirty quite quickly. At 420Shop, we have various screens to choose from, such as steel pipe screens, conical screens, glass frit screens and lift-off screens. When buying a pipe, make sure that you also order the right screens. On the product page we describe which screen fits best with each pipe.


Many weed pipes allow you to replace the bowl with another one. The Zippsy Pijp has bowls of different materials to choose from. You can screw a ceramic, soapstone or steel bowl onto your pipe. If you have ordered a weed pipe but would like a larger bowl, buy a metal bowl. This fits almost all pipes and has a standard screw thread.

Cleaning Supplies

If you have been using a pipe for a while, you will notice that it eventually becomes a little dirty. Fortunately, pipes are not difficult to clean. With the pipe cleaners you will have cleaned your pipe in no time. Is there still persistent dirt on them? Use a cleaning multitool and some isopropyl alcohol. We recommend you to clean your pipe regularly, because it just smokes better.

Carbon Adapters

Do you want to smoke, but in a less harmful way? Then take a look at our carbon adapters. Because of the active carbon in the filter tip, a large part of the harmful substances are filtered out. This way you can enjoy a cleaner smoking experience, without limiting your high.

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