Wooden Pipes

If you are looking for a handmade wooden weed pipe, you will find a nice selection in our online headshop. For a natural smoking experience, choose a wooden pipe together with a wooden grinder. When ordered before 16:20, your weed pipe will be shipped the same day.

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Buy a wooden weed pipe

Are you looking for a nice weed pipe made from wood? In our online headshop you can buy pipes made from various types of wood. The most common types of wood is rosewood. This wood is is characterised by irregular, darker stripes, but the basic colour can vary. The material of the bowl is besides wood often made of metal, clay or soapstone. Depending on the model and your preference you can replace the bowl. The wood carved pipes are hand made, therefore each model is unique.

Pipe accessories and supplies

To smoke a pipe you need various accessories. To make sure your tobacco or weed does not end up in your mouth via the pipe, you can use a screen. In our headshop you will find everything you need to use and clean your pipe. Clean your wooden pipe with a pipe brush or pipe cleaners. Keep in mind that wood is not suitable for cleaning with any detergent. Preferably use hot water in combination with a brush.


Weed buds are best ground with a grinder. You can crumble the weed with your fingers or use scissors. But this way you quickly end up with a mess on the table and your hands are covered in sticky resin. With a grinder you can grind a good amount of weed after a few twists. You can buy grinders in all shapes and sizes and in our assortment there is a weed crusher for every budget. For a few Euros you can have one, or invest in a durable grinder that will last for years.


If you're looking for a good pipe lighter, 420shop offers a wide range of the best lighter brands. A Clipper lighter is ideal for lighting your pipe. When you tilt the lighter, the flame increases. You can also refill them and the flint is easy to replace. Or do you prefer an original Zippo lighter? These are reliable and windproof lighters with beautiful designs. All loose Zippo parts are also available on 420Shop.

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