Wooden Pipes

If you are looking for a handmade wooden weed pipe, you will find a nice selection in our online headshop. Wood has a natural look. The pipes are handmade and often made of rosewood. For a natural smoking experience, choose a wooden pipe together with a wooden grinder. When ordered before 16:20, your weed pipe will be shipped the same day.

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Buy a Wooden Weed Pipe

When smoking a pipe, you need various accessories. To make sure your tobacco or weed doesn't end up in your mouth through the pipe you can use a screen. These screens are in most cases essential for a good experience. In our headshop you will find everything you need to use and clean your pipe. Clean your wooden pipe with a pipe brush or pipe cleaners. Keep in mind that wood is not suitable for cleaning with any detergent. Preferably use hot water in combination with a brush.

Pipe accessories and essentials

If you are looking for a good pipe lighter, you will find a large assortment of the best lighter brands on 420shop. A Clipper lighter is ideal for lighting your pipe. When you hold the lighter at an angle, the flame is increased in size.