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Storing cannabis seeds

Always store your cannabis seeds on a cool and dry place. Avoid fluctuations in temperature and above all moist and humidity. The best place to store your seeds is in a dark, dry place with a constant temperature. Keep the temperature between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius. Keeping these conditions optimal will improve the succes rate of germinating cananbis seeds.

Lifespan: How long can you store cannabis seeds?

All seeds are living organisms that are in a resting phase. Exposing them to moisture will trigger the germination process. When storing cannabis for longer periods we advise to maintain a humidity level below 9%. When cannabis seeds are stored in a 'No Frost' fridge they will have an average minimal lifespan of 3 years. After this period the successful germination rate will start to decrease. In some cases cannabis seeds can be kept for over 10 years and still be successfully germinated. Seeds that are stored at room temperature will retain there germination strength for at least 6 months. After that they will lose their germination power.

Storing them under the right temperature is crucial:

Cannabis seeds can withstand very low temperatures, the best place to store them is in a fridge or freezer. Avoid taking them out to much so the temperature stays constant. When taking them out to finally germinate them, leave them in the original packages and let them get used to room temperature first.

Always avoid exposing your seeds to light for to long. This will reduce the germinating power.
Dinafem seed pack

A great example of a seedbank that stores their products in a good way are the DinaFem Seeds. They are stored in a eppendorf tube that contains moisture absorbers that are separated from the seeds. Also stored in a protective metal case.

After reading all this information you will be able to store your marijuana seeds for longer periods of time and be more successful with germinating them.

Please always contact us when you have bought our seeds and not all of them germinate. Always mention your name and order number so we can treat your complaint as soon as possible. Save the original package and make pictures of the seeds.