V-Syndicate Chameleon Grinder

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V-Syndicate Chameleon Grinder consists of four parts including pollen sieve and scraper. With this you can put the collected kief in your joint or use it to press a piece of hash.

V-Syndicate Chameleon Grinder

This durable grinder from the brand V-Syndicate has a beautiful print of a colourful chameleon. The grinder has four parts and a magnetic lid. The pollen sieve catches the pollen, which you can add to a joint with the scraper. You can also collect them to make a small piece of hash later.

This metal grinder has sharp teeth to grind weed in a couple of seconds. It has a diameter of 50mm and has enough capacity to grind weed for several joints at once.


  • Brand: V-Syndicate.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • 4-part grinder.
  • Size: 50mm.
  • Magnetic lid.
  • Pollen sieve.
  • Including travel bag and mini scraper.