Dabbing is a way to consume cannabis concentrates

Dabbing isn’t anything new, but over the last few years it has become very popular among cannabis users thanks to its rapid and potent effects. If you’re curious about dabbing, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Dabbing – An Overview

In brief, dabbing is a way to consume cannabis concentrates. Closer to vaping than smoking flower, dabbing requires the accessories used to be heated up to a very high temperature so that the concentrated extract can be vaporized.

What Are Dabs?

The term “dabs” refers to concentrates which come in several forms including: shatter, crumble, budder, wax, rosin, live resin and butane hash oil.

Which Equipment Is Needed To Dab?

To get started with dabbing you’ll need:

  • A concentrate from your favorite strain
  • A dab rig (or water pipe, nail and dome)
  • A torch
  • A dab tool

Alternatively, you could simply use an eNail device which is a convenient all-in-one solution for dabbing.

How Do You Dab?

When using the traditional nail and torch setup, you can get started with dabbing by following this method:

  • Turn on your butane torch
  • Aim its flame at the nail and heat until the nail is red hot
  • Once the nail has reached the right temperature, turn the torch off
  • Put the dome carefully over the nail
  • If the nail is titanium, wait for 10 seconds, if it is quartz, wait for 45 seconds
  • Use the dab tool to pic up a crumb-sized amount of concentrate
  • Apply the concentrate inside the dome, turning the tool to allow all the concentrate to be heated up
  • Inhale

If you are using an eNail, you can simply switch on the device, apply the concentrate using the dab tool and inhale.

What Are The Benefits Of Dabbing?

There are lots of reasons to try dabbing:

  • One popular reason is because you can use very small amounts and still achieve a powerful high. Concentrates contain as much as 70-90% THC so you can get a potent hit even if you have a high tolerance level.
  • Dabbing also ensures a clean tasting, quick hit and you can savor the flavour of your favorite concentrates.
  • Dabbing is also a healthier choice when compared to smoking.
  • The effects are experienced immediately. If you’re using cannabis for medicinal purposes you can get faster relief.
  • If you’re a medicinal user, you can more easily administer a measured dose.

What Do I Need To Consider When Dabbing?

There are a few things to bear in mind when dabbing:

  • Concentrates are very potent. This means you could overindulge very easily. If you’re unused to dabbing you could experience panic attacks, paranoia, confusion, fast heartbeat and vomiting, so always start with a very tiny amount.
  • Choosing a high quality concentrate is also important. Some poor quality concentrates have solvents remaining from the extraction process. This means you could end up with unwanted effects like lung irritation.

If you’re ready to try the benefits that dabbing cannabis can bring, we recommend that you start out slowly with very small amounts to see how you react. If you’re careful, you’re sure to appreciate the advantages that this method of consumption can bring.