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What is a Haze Cannabis Plant?

Haze cannabis strains are Sativa dominant. Haze has a high THC content and a low CBD content. The original haze plant is long cannabis plant with a long flowering period, sometimes twice the number of Indica plants. The buds of a haze plant, like most pure Sativa plants, are long and thin with large spacing. Haze is loved because of the unique smell, taste and strong psychedelic high.

Where does the Original Haze originate from?

The Original Haze is not a landrace but it is a 100% Sativa crossing of landraces from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and India. The original haze strain was grown in California in the 1970s. David Paul Watson, also known as the Skunk man, brought the cannabis strain to Amsterdam.

Haze hybrids

The Haze genetics has often been used by various seed banks over the years. Often the strains are crossed with Indica genetics, making it no longer pure Sativas. The advantage is that these weed species have a shorter flowering time, which makes it possible to grow haze varieties outdoors in the northern hemisphere.

Buy haze cannabis seeds

In our cannabis seed assortment you will find countless haze varieties from various seedbanks. Haze has been one of the most populair cannabis strains.

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Famous Haze Strains: